The four of us : Shitsuka, Aria, Nuriko and Ayane. Eighteen-year-old fangirls that love Arashi so much. Having fan-girling over Arashi as a hobby for quite some time now, they have come to be a part of our lives. and yes, we go kyaa when our ichibans does something cute. :D

We are simple, nice and friendly. But as you can see, our life somehow, revolves around Arashi. We are addicted, die-hard-fans, obsesssed, deluded psycho or whatever word there is.

No matter what; we surely, as in matter of fact, and officially, are-the-Arashians.


Arashian shirt ;)


We have a good news for you..

we are making an Arashian Shirt.

this is the design:

front shirt:


we thought of peach in colour as the only colour the design suit in is white.
But my friends and I had discussed and on our opinion, white shirt looks 'cheap'..

so, the only colour that is near to white is... PEACH

we target our minimum order to be about 35 people.
the price will be about RM 25 - RM 30

we haven't decide on the payment method yet as.. who are we?

16 year-old a.k.a form 4 students which never bother about bank account and all that stuff...

leave that matter aside... and well.. if u want the shirt, please inform us ^^


Welcome to our blog! Iresshaimase! watashi-tachi no buroggu!


welcome to our blog..

we're newcomer..

dozo yoroshiku! ^^

basically its about Arashi



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