The four of us : Shitsuka, Aria, Nuriko and Ayane. Eighteen-year-old fangirls that love Arashi so much. Having fan-girling over Arashi as a hobby for quite some time now, they have come to be a part of our lives. and yes, we go kyaa when our ichibans does something cute. :D

We are simple, nice and friendly. But as you can see, our life somehow, revolves around Arashi. We are addicted, die-hard-fans, obsesssed, deluded psycho or whatever word there is.

No matter what; we surely, as in matter of fact, and officially, are-the-Arashians.


Happy Birthday Syaza-chan^^


happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to syaza..happy birthday to you^^

*wish from shitsuka*

sihat2 selalu..jgn terlalu curang yerk..haha smoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.. jom kte ramai2 tinggalkan nadia yg 'under age' tuh^^
laen kali kte belikan hadiah eyh..pokai ar skrg


*wish from ayane*

Syaza dear!! :) Otanjoubi omedetou! another FF turns 16. tinggal Me and fadira waiting for our days.. -_- anyway, happy sweet sixteen may god bless you and may your wishes come true :D

-ohno's :)

Tanjoubi Omedeto Jun Kun!! lovelove

30 August..

diz is a date dat i will always remember for the rest of my life..
although maybe im not gonna get to marry jun.. still hoping

anyway.. dat date will always remain in my head not for the sake of my 'beloved nuriko'.. haha^^

again.. i didnt sleep after sahur..cant sleep actually coz im counting every seconds and minutes how long Matsumoto Jun already!!

wish for my otoko*

Jun-kun..tanjoubi omedetou.. always happy and sucsess..
sorry for not being at ur side to celebrate ur b'day with you.. but i'll always be here..
ganbatte for ur concert!!
btw..pleaseplease dont strip again la..nosebleed!!

happy birthday, selamat hari lahir, xi ni quai le, tanjoubi omedeto^^

leave you with diz video i found..jun's kawaii baby pics to his kakkoi sexxy pics..enjoy!!







i didnt sleep after sahur just now..i finished my sejarah nota..haha finally!!
anyway..after that i open the net and like usual felt so emo coz i remembered..

Hana Yori Dango!!!

how can you not felt emo about it..rite?? sad knowing again and again thats it over..fin..the end!!
anyway..i just want to tell how bad and super duper sad i am dat hyd is over..
like a year ago..haha

i'll finish diz with a video showing how hott my 'domyoji'.. lovelove



latest news about arashi shirt..

we already conform about all the details and it will ready maybe by next month

this is all the details..

- black
fabric - normal cotton
body cut - straight cut / normal
neck cut - round neck
size - small to extra large

btw, we will only print the front part to save some money..
please choose ur size^^



5x10 :D


Arashi new song !!
I'm sure that a lot people have discover this song. Even I was one of the late discoverer to listen to this song. But I believe there are still people out there that haven't listen to this song yet.
This song was composed by Arashi on their own. It tells the fans about their journey together for these 10 years. The lyrics was so sweet and touching. I actually almost cried when I read the translation ;) So Arashian, please do listen to this new song :D
I want to post the translation along, but it is too long. So, I just give u the link :)

*credit to say-it-again.livejournal



aaah. gome gome. we havent been able to update for so long. busy busy busy with school and other stuffs in between. sumimasen ne~

the Arashi T-shirt is confirmed with the black background and the design that have been posted earlier.

for the arashians who want to order, please leave a comment and your e-mail address so we can contact you.^^

we're only making 30 pieces of the t-shirts so do hurry and order now!!! :D

leaving you with a video of Ashita no Kioku live:

jaaa ne~ :)

-aria&shitsuka ♥