The four of us : Shitsuka, Aria, Nuriko and Ayane. Eighteen-year-old fangirls that love Arashi so much. Having fan-girling over Arashi as a hobby for quite some time now, they have come to be a part of our lives. and yes, we go kyaa when our ichibans does something cute. :D

We are simple, nice and friendly. But as you can see, our life somehow, revolves around Arashi. We are addicted, die-hard-fans, obsesssed, deluded psycho or whatever word there is.

No matter what; we surely, as in matter of fact, and officially, are-the-Arashians.


new world ranking and new CM

I know I'm like spamming here but I JUST HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT IT.
ohh okay, douzo~

new.JPG (991 bytes)Monster - Arashi
J-Storm Records Japan - 388.000 - 1 week at No.1 - Hot Shot Debut
arrow.GIF (994 bytes)
1 / 2
week 8
OMG - Usher feat. Will.I.Am platina.gif (873 bytes)
Laface / Arista - 331.000
5 / 7
week 13
Nothin' On You - B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars platina.gif (873 bytes)
Atlantic - 304.000 -
Largest Points Increase
arrow.GIF (994 bytes)
2 / -
week 2
California Gurls - Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg
Capitol - 260.000
4 / 4
week 20
Hey, Soul Sister - Train platina.gif (873 bytes)
Sony Music - 236.000
7 / 8
week 6
Airplanes - B.o.B. feat. Hayley Williams
Atlantic - 234.000
arrow.GIF (994 bytes)
3 / 3
week 24
Telephone - Lady GaGa feat. Beyoncé platina.gif (873 bytes)2
Interscope - 225.000
6 / 6
week 14
Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz (feat. Ludacris) platina.gif (873 bytes)
Island - 218.000
10 / 13
week 6
Alejandro - Lady GaGa
Interscope - 198.000
arrow.GIF (994 bytes)
8 / 1
week 3
Not Afraid - Eminem
Aftermath / Interscope - 188.000

omedetouuuuuu ARASHI-channnnnnnnn and fangirls-channnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! sasuga yo!

p/s to viknes : hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! your so-called idol is at numb 10. muahahahahahahhh *insert super evil laughs effect*

next announcement!


ハバネロボンレスTVCM 大野智さん

ハバネロボンレスTVCM 大野智さん

KFC yo! ahaha comel gilaaaa. I'm pretty sure Nadia is screaming right now xD
jun has done it and now oh-channnnnnn! juntoshi all the wayy baybeh! xD


of updates and Mr Matsumoto Jun

ehem ehem :D
am so sorry for the lack of updates. *glares to a CERTAIN people*
anyways, we're back on track! well.. I guess so xD

got this from here who got it from here

It has been confirmed that Arashi's Jun Matsumoto (26) will star in Fuji TV's Monday night drama series next season. He will be the first member of the group to appear in a drama during that time slot, and this will be his first lead role in a full-length Fuji TV series.

The drama, titled "Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku," is an original love story by "Buzzer Beat" screenwriter Mika Omori. The female lead is being played by
Yuko Takeuchi (30), who starred in "Lunch Queen" and "Fukigen na Gene," both also written by Omori.

In the show, Matsumoto plays a struggling actor who has developed a complex due to his father, a famous actor. The character is described as being "tsundere," a term referring to people who are normally cold in personality but become overly fawning when they are around their love interest. In this case, that love interest is an older woman being played by Takeuchi, whose character is said to be spirited, but also mysterious due to certain circumstances.

"Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku" will air Monday nights at 9:00pm, starting in July.

original love story by "Buzzer Beat" screenwriter Mika Omori :DDDDDD

woohoo! at last! I missed Jun's drama :D looks like he's done with vacation ne? xD
is it just me who thinks that the character is kinda Domyouji-ish? Jun is becoming DoS againn? NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

jaaa people!



comel gilaaaaaaaaaa

which the same meaning as soooooo cuteeeeeee / chouuuu kawaiiiiiii

looks like there will be another Arashi in future! :D
credits to arashi_no_jidai@lj for the vids:)

arashi younger generation/awesome fan JYANNNNNNN~

SOLO #1 : tooooooo cuteeeeee! I love the part when he's not confident with the lyrics so he just sang it softly. (which I did too xD) awwwwwwww <3>

SOLO 2 : still in Happiness mood xD OMG this boy is so freaking adorableeeee. he's better in memorizing the lyrics than the 1st boy lol xD his 'tomonaide' part is so cuteeeeee.

solo.. err DUET : brotherly love during Believe! haha xD chouuu awesomeeee. the younger brother kinda shy on the 1st place but when his brother came, he's like automatically changed to Aiba mode xD the older brother was quite good ne? he memorized the song and Sho's rap :O /amused face

NANANANA, sakurai sho in the making dekitaaaaaa xDD

SOLO(kinda) and PERFORMANCE : double yo! xD that girl is a dead serious in dancing people! she's totally in Aiba's mode XD at first I thought that boy was emotionless (like Oh-chan AHAHA) but his face totally change after 'suweet suweet' AHAHA the boy WINS! I was amazed that the sister was still dancing till the end O.o sugoi!

conclusion of the post :
Arashi is storming on the younger generation too Everybody loves Arashi Arashi songs is easy to memorise JAPAN KIDZ IZ CUTE LETS KIDNAP THEM YO!




Troublemaker in 8tv!!

Mods, do you guys remember that one night that i called..but if im not mistaken only Syaza answered..
but never mine..the important is I FOUND THE VIDEO!!

and i laugh like hell that night coz mike and moe have no idea what 'Aishiteru' means..i was like "you baka!! it means I LOVE YOU lar!! and btw, baka means STUPID!!"

but above all that..i still love you 8tv..and of coz mike and moe too..they really make me laugh!! and this is the 2nd time actually i get to see Aarshi in 8tv..the first one is Everything..but i cant find the vid coz its like long time ago..

anyway..enjoy =)) *if you want to watch the vid straight was in the 3rd part after about 10 mins..



And I dedicate this post to :

Nana-chan; who might right now, is doing her add maths homework (yes, I know, I should be doing it too)
Fatin-chan; Who I am convinced; is now still at Syaza's house.
Syaza-chan: who had lost her internet connection few hours ago.

Yes people. Their outfits. THEIR OUTFITS!

his fingers
his fingers


Mr Aiba IS sexy and Funny...

THAT is why we call him Aibaka right?

Well, I'm not being biased here, but, syaza was right. This is Aiba. He is our Nii-ban. All four of us. And we love him very much.


and bonusss..



teringat kat Maou tak??
suddenly, macam rindu pulak
*nadia..nak pinjam =)
this song has many impacts to our life ;
this song made syaza realize how amazing Arashi is and start lovin' em
this song makes nadia deeply in love with Ohno Satoshi through Maou
and to Arashi itself ;
this song is the ost of Ohno's first dorama
this song shows Arashi is matured enough to dress in black and red..totally hot!!
this song increase the popularity of Arashi after One Love
this song opened a lot more opportunity for Arashi to fly higher
and this song make a good live performance
ahh..ya..this song also shows us how kakkoi Ohno can be with that hair ^__^
so..the conclusion is..
i really love this freaking pumping song that can shut me without a single word
honestly, i extremely amazed the first time nadia show me the music vid..
never thought Arashi can dance that well before..


let's watch how people sing truth in Moscow =)

* is soooo funny.. time kiter kne buat perfomance la..dah la last year suddenly kecut!! syaza punya pasal lar..ALASAN!!


Mr. Aiba Masaki

can be very sexy if he wants to. seriously.

Aiba-chan, this is why we DON'T want you to be sexy.
boxer!Aiba is killing us 8D



some arashi crack!

we can learn something from Arashi :D

click here and enjoy!

credits goes to theproudpenguin@lj


click here too! xDD




some information

please click here for more details on Malaysia no Arashi's 5x10 Screening 2010 merchandise



please click here for more details on the T-shirt design contest (its already closed)


Still important..

sorry..this is not related to Arashi..just want share this information..and its originally in Bahasa Malaysia..sumimasen~

Berikut adalah artikel yang perlu diambil perhatian sekiranya anda belum membacanya. .. Sila baca artikel berikut mengenai orang yang HIV positif seronok menyebarkan virus HIV. Ianya pernah ke udara di dalam Televisyen Thai di mana pesakit HIV ditangkap & didakwa, tapi apa gunanya, beliau telah merosakkan ramai orang awam yang tak berdosa. Jadi sila berhati-hati ... Beberapa tempat berbahaya dan kebarangkalian menemui jarum penyuntik yang telah digunakan penagih.

1. Di kawasan pantai. Apabila anda berjalan di pantai sila pakai selipar atau kasut, ada penagih dadah yang melakukan aktiviti di tepi pantai dan menimbus jarum penyuntik di dalam pasir. Penyuntik ini kemudiannya terdedah akibat ombak.

2. Di kawasan permainan kanak-kanak. Satu lagi kawasan pilihan penagih.Terdapat kes di Australia di mana kanak-kanak yg tak berdosa telah tercucuk jarum penyuntik apabila beliau turun daripada papan lunsur & kemudiannya didapati HIV positif.

3. Di panggung wayang. Sila pastikan kerusi yg anda duduki. Kes yang terjadi apabila seorang perempuan duduk di kerusi beliau dan terasa sesuatu benda mencucuk. Beliau berdiri dan mendapati ada penyuntik dan nota berbunyi "Welcome to the real world, you are now HIV positive" . Doktor telah memeriksa jarum tersebut & mengesahkan ianya terdapat virus HIV. Ianya berlaku di Hawaii jadi berhati-hati ...

4. Di Georgia & Florida , ada kes menunjukkan pesakit HIV meletakkan penyuntik di dalam tempat mengembalikan syiling, mesin air minuman...jadi pastikan bila anda membeli air atau kandi, perhatikan betul-betul tempat mengembalikan wang syiling...mungkin terdapat jarum penyuntik di dalamnya.

5. Di restoran Burger King, pesakit HIV yang juga pekerjanya meletakkan sedikit darah di dalam burger & mencampurkan dengan mayonis dan salad. Ianya seperti sos. Jadi cuba jangan pesan burger dengan mayonis & sos. Order di tempat lain.

I'm not hundred percent sure it is true..but just wanna share..i got this from Madihah that forward this article through email.

ohh emmm geeeee

its 11.50 in the morning and I'm here in front of my pc stalking my f-lists and BAMMMMMMMM!
I found this :

omaigadddddddddddddddd. its like soo Truth-ish and Believe-ish and everyone are looking good and smexy and the outfit and the hair .


full pv hayakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu onegaishimasuuuuuuuuuuuu~

sick yet hyperventilated,