The four of us : Shitsuka, Aria, Nuriko and Ayane. Eighteen-year-old fangirls that love Arashi so much. Having fan-girling over Arashi as a hobby for quite some time now, they have come to be a part of our lives. and yes, we go kyaa when our ichibans does something cute. :D

We are simple, nice and friendly. But as you can see, our life somehow, revolves around Arashi. We are addicted, die-hard-fans, obsesssed, deluded psycho or whatever word there is.

No matter what; we surely, as in matter of fact, and officially, are-the-Arashians.


WHAT THE ****!!

i cant say anything..

you judge yourself..

but for me..this picture is so DAME and trying to pollute how kawaii ohmiya is!!

mods..what do you think??

*no offence for whoever edited it*


i found these photos..

man!! is this person trying to make everyone jealous!!

*just me*

shi-chan..just wait neyh..your future is with Jun
he'll give EVERYTHING!!





hokayyy, breath syza, breath.
but, skljfsgd;fsdlkgs;glkdsgfkdsgflkdsgfdslkgfdskfgsfgskdshjkgsd


the fingers.
the hair.
the fingers.
the fingers.

nadia is soooo gonna kill me >.<

belang biru boleh? XDD


taklah, I'm still a yellow lover XDD

syza kazunari


Fruit Family

i dunno why..
but somehow i felt that i need to explain about 'Fruit Family'


before the addiction started..

we, Shitsuka, Ayane, Rei, Aria & Nuriko..create that name for our friendship..

i dont know 100% why the name came out at first..even the whole idea

*aria has to be the one explain coz she came out with the idea..i guess*

so..we thought the name is kinda cute and everyone love fruits..*as far as i noe*

every each of us has their own fruit name..

Shitsuka > cherryberry
Ayane > kiwikawaii *coz she noe japanese first*
Rei > lemondongshun *combination of some guys names*
Aria > coconutbanana
Nuriko > appleackles *she liked jensen ackles at dat time*

there you go..end of story


Iconified :D

hait. gome ne minasan, aria have not blogged recently. too many things to do and so so little time. i'll make sure i'll try to update more often kays.

anyways. i was supposed to finish up some physics thing but i ended up making some icons. heh. i'm definitely far from pro but i kinda had fun making them. enjoy!

note: this is just a few because my internet is being awfully moody and slow today. T.T

and these pictures were just random and too small when i resized it to be an icon. xD

please credit me when taking out. coconutaria@fruitfamily. :))

ps. sorry, as you see, i had a whole lot of sho's pictures to choose from. XD

jaa ne.


Arashi Shirt


There are none stocks left..

Arashi Shirt

This is list of names who wants the shirt

Your order are confirmed

Any problem, please comment

1. Shitsuka Matsumoto, KL > S
2. Ayane, KL > M
3. Nuriko, KL > M
4. Aria, KL > M
5. Nor Faieza, Perak > M & XL*
6. Diahana, Selangor > L
7. Ayumi, Johor > M
8. Ayako, Johor > XL
9. Matsumazing, KL > S & L
10. Qistina, KL > M & L
11. Qeya, KL > M
12. Qera, KL > M
13. Satochii Senpai, KL > S
14. Alia, KL > S
15. Syikin, KL > M
16. Syara, KL > S
17. Hazieqqah, Terengganu > S & S*
18. Maya, Singapura > M*
19. Nadzirah, KL > M
20. Jac, KL > M
21. Khairun, KL > M & M*
22. Masit, Selangor > M
23. Meddy, Terengganu > XL
24. Nasyer, KL > M
25. Kina, Perak > M

*Needs delivery


I'm Sick..Obses??


what im gonna tell is a bit baka lar..hahahaha*laughlaughlaugh*

i just watch Hana Yori Dango!! kkyyaaaa~


just finished 4 am just now...i tried to call dearest tomodachis..
but..bakafatin..of cos they didnt answer..

gome-neyh~ interupe ur dream..arashi desho??


im so so happy rite now!! cant sleep..

Jun supersuper ++ hontohonto kakkoi!!

he said"yosha!!yosha!!" in dat red shirt!!

noseeeeebbleeeedddd~ *my blood turn black*

while im watching hanadan just now..i listed out some stuff from dat movie dat maybe u realize before..or maybe not

its fun-neyh do barobaro stuff^^

this is the list..but if you thinks you dont want to watch Hanadan back..dont read diz..
coz its kinda make you really eager to watch it again and search for the stuff i listed down here..

1. Tsukasa and Tsukushi wore the same spectecles when they went to Las Vegas
2. Tsukasa wore a shirt wrote 'King of Rock'
3. F4 and Tsukushi rode on a ship called 'Aqua Luna'
4. *my opinion* Tsukushi will likes Kaburagi-san in real life..coz she likes someone matured
5. Sojiro was looking at Tsukasa and Rui when they are having the conversation beside the pool
6. Tsukasa and Tsukushi been in the rooms numbered '3710' and '304'
7. There is 'Watsons' in diz movie
8. When Tsukushi searched for the Saturn was rite there..just beside her..look carefully!!
9. Tsukasa also wore a shirt wrote "Dont you dare tell Me what I should or should not do Asshole!!"
10. One of the three 'gedik' girls is not there at the weds
11. Troughout the movie, Tsukasa only wore clothes in white, black, red and silver
12. There are two red apples in diz movie
13. Tsukasa wore sandals for the first time!!
14. After Tsukasa and Tsukushi enter the first room back..all the pillows dat Susumu thrown are back on the bed again
15. Rui wanted to laugh in one of the real laugh
16. Tsukushi only wore three garments*shirts* on the island

thats it..for now i guess..if i see more..i'll post it



best++funny nite ever


last saturday,
the night before raya..

im having the fun and funniest moment!!

the story begin like diz..

me, my family, my cousins, my uncles and aunts decided to make some lemang..
usually we didnt make lemang coz not enough people to help..ya many stuff to do ma!!

ketupat,rendang,lontong,kuah kacang,pasang pelita,main mercun..blabla
there are 18 of us..including my lil look-like-domyoji kawaii brother, my two-year-old niece and her sis, a few months old..
so the conclusion is they didnt do much except for messiness and!!
so we started at noon..i just finished sew some manik at my baju kurung
my dad and my elder sis anyam ketupat
me, kak ila..isi the buluh with rice while my mak teh cut the banana leaf
my lil sis and her best cousin 4eva play the mercun and bunga api
my two other elder cousin,kak nadia and kak malia masakmasak at the kitchen..i dunno what they're doing coz im outside doin' the lemang
my cousin, kak yan busy taking care her two daughter..but at the same time she help also with isiing the lemang with rice
kak yan's hubby,showing his muscles..preparing the place to burn the lemang
my uncle, pak itam and pak teh..prepare the periuk to cook the ketupat
my mom at the kits with my mak itam cooking their best rendang
then, the buzzzyness came..
suddenly,my dad ask me to pasang the pelita coz he is so bz with the ketupat thingy
but at the same time the 'mercun war' guys noe how i addicted at mercun!!
then, my uncle and abg nor burn the lemang..
my mom and my aunt so bz prepare stuff for the org surau coz they gonna come to do some takbir..but i dont get the whole point to serve food for 'em after they went to so many houses already..
my cousins all dah mandi..leave me alone busuking
my sis kecohkecoh coz her baju raya bigger than what in her imagination was..she cant stop saying.."ala..x best la raya ni..x best..sumer x mnjadi!!"
my first cousin's family,kak nadia,kak malia,pak itam,mak itam and asyraff decided to go to mantai for a while
my second cousin's family,kak yan and her two daughter,mak teh went back home for while..
while pak teh went to the surau
so yang tinggal is my family and abg nor
for real!!
haha..the storm came tiba2..
at diz time i just took my bath and sembahyang maghrib
my older sis pon lari to save the lemang with abg nor
me..sempat took the umbrella running to see my arashi la..of coz!!
abg nor quickly take some thingy to cover the still burning lemang..
my sis already wet..luckily, i hav the umbrella
we helped abg nor with 'mata merah' bcoz of the abuk and api from the fire
then,suddenly,pak itam and asyraff running from their car to help us!!
pak itam bawak kereta sgt laju from mantai to help us..haha
at the same time we are struggling with the storm and my hand all red and pain to pull the tali rafia to cover the lemang..the rombongan from surau suddenly came!!
so me and my sis ran back into the house to help our mom serve the foods..
with our wet and dirty hair kering basah balik
my lil sis in the toilet doin' her she cant help
my dad and hariz stranded at the previous house..bcoz they follow the takbir pny rombongan
lucky,pak teh ada to help
bcoz we cant go serve the foods in front of all the oldold atuk and pak cik there
giler apa?? all wet and dirty!!
outside..abg nor,pak itam and asyraff..all wet also from head to toe..have to stay outside until the lemang masak.. sis run to the previous house to take hariz back dad didnt bring umbrella
after the rombongan leave..
pak teh took the umbrella while riding his motorcycle to go to the next house
hariz dah balik..terus bukak angpou.."ma, hariz dpt inggit..dpt inggit!!"
my dad still dat time..i still dunno why
and it still stormy and rain outside
after a while..
my dad came back home..he said,"Nor!! motor kau x ley stat lagi lar.."
so..thats the reason
all my cousins came to dat house back..after pak hitam fetch 'em at mantai
kiratul,the two-year-old girl main larilari with hariz
somehow..they fight and play together until today,just now..
lemang also dah masak..
we all eat and laugh while watching the tv..
Salam Terakhir sangat sedih!!
everyone tell stories about what just happened
after all that..
everyone keep eating and laughing..
i cant stand anymore..about 12..after one hour watching sampaikan raya..i went to bed
it was very cold in the room,with the heavy rain outside but my sis still on the fan??
only kak malia, my sis, kak nadia and kak ila who already slept before me
the others still laughing at the living room
before i sleep..i checked my dat time i just realize the messages from my non-muslims frens..arigato~
after dat i realize it was 8 o'clock in the morning after my dad kejut all of us in the room..^^
so lastly..happy happy raya..although now im entering the third day of raya..arashiarashi~


tissue please?

okayy, breath syza, breath.
i just woke up from a sudden coma and a massive overload nosebleed people.
seriously. i mean like seriously.

WARNING to especially onho ichibaners, please get a tissue or something before you watch this video.
especially YOU nadia.

clicky here

i missed naruse ryo :(
nadiaaaa, nak pinjam Maou pleaseeeee?
i'll take extra good care of it.

syza kazunari

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya^^

Maaf Zahir Batin

sorry for everything

jika terkasar bahasa

jika tergila kuasa


celebrate diz raya with full cheer and happiness

but dont forget to ask for forgiveness and always remember the poor

to all the arashian..just remember..arashi will raya with all of us smday..just wait^^

lots of love,



Arashi shirt updates

We had now confirmed about the shirt! :D

We're selling this:

The price is RM 26 exclude delivery cost for those who wanna receive it through POS LAJU.

This shirt is:

- straight cut

- cotton

- round neck

- black

- in size (S,M,L,XL)

Please place your order over here !!

if you want the shirt..please insert

name,state,size,quantity,e-mail add



Order status <-- here!



starting from now, me, nuriko kazunari will at least put 1 icon in my post.

yeahiamtheiconfreak XD

yoroshiku ne! :DD

lot's of 's


credits to bokunosubete.lj

secret talk :)

seriously, these are my first arashi videos that makes me laughed like crazy eventho they're not in the video. just their adorable voices.
eto~ get what i mean? haha :D
hokay hokay. let watch this ne!

they were talking about Hana Yori Dango!
O as Domyouji O.O LoL LoL
A as Makino hahahahahaha XDD
you'll get what i mean after you watch this vid!

1:34- 1:46
S,O,A,N: thank yous

J : *gigles* kyaaaaaaa~!

5:05 - 5:14

6:15 - 6:32
HAHAHAHAHA the moment when aiba says 'baka janai yo!' was like the climax of this vid! haha can youu imagine thaat? omg aibaaaaaa <3
ohh dont forget jun's giggles as a background sound XD

drunk sho?
*runs to nana* XD

arashi and moms is LOVELOVE deshouuu? :D

**credits for their respectful owner**

hait hait. jaa ne~ :)

nuriko kazunari


Let us be Aibaka <3

Creating random games like Aiba is just us... right?

So I came up with this really random-but-not-stupid well might-a-little game.

It has only one rule : which is, make sure you're an Arashian

you play it this way;

1. find a friend that is so great in being SO random
2. Ask him/her to say out 10 random words (e.g: rainbow, DS Lite, fish)
3. You have to say out the first thing/person that came up in your mind for each random things that your friend had just mention
4. out of 10, how many things that came up in your mind which is related to Arashi?
5. Try to measure your level of fandom through this.
6. this is an example on how to play the game.

X = your friend Y= An arashian (yea.. you :] )
x: rainbow
y: arashi!
x: fish
y: Oh-chan!
x: DS Lite
y: Nino!
x: news
y: sho-kun!
keep playing until 10 words.
sounds fun deshou? well, at least it does to me.
I know I'm random;
ayane-chan ;)


subarashi icons!

minna-san~ nuriko desu!

i love icons *insert lots of love icons here*
i mean I envy those who can make their own pretty wallpapers and stuff especially icons.
andand, I'm glad that people are sharing their work with us! XD
so i was just randomly checking arashi_icon_luv site in lj and i found this awesome fangirl who did text icons.
HOMG asldjkf;sdgfgdsjdsfkjg;sdljkfs;flsk;gdjsfg;sdjfgsgfls
it was sooooooooooooooooooo Awesome with capital A.
seriously peeps!
check em' out!
preview XD
for aria-chan;

for ayane-chan; you're sooo gonna love it dear xD

for shi-chan;
for me XD; kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~

for us; omg, inside joke in arashi fandom of aiba's engrish XD [he was suppose to say let's try not let's fly. LoL <3]

supaaaa awesome XD;

**credits to tangerinesun.lj [iloveyouchouberimuchKYAAKYAA]

can someone pleashhhhh teach me how to make icon? pleashhhh? *puppy eyes*

that's all i guess,

jaa ne~

nuriko kazunari


10 years storming around the globe!!

1999 to 2009
our storm has becoming an enourmous star
*what crap im talking about*
gongrats for your ten years full of wonderful experience
you guys took a small baby steps into JE but now you guys own
a huge,gigantic hard-die-fingirling-fans from around the globe..
*most of them would do just anything for you*
*trust me..everything..including me..i guess*
ganbatte-neyh for the next ten stormy years
you guys mean a lot to us..
you'll never imagine how much for some addictive girls here^^



Oh-chan's 28th otanjoubi :D

Minnasan, i know that it has been for almost a year Riida turns 28th. We did bake Supaa-MechaMecha-Oishii cupcakes. We had post this vid on youtube like months ago. And now, we want to show this to you.

It was our first time baking cupcakes and somehow we succeeded!! All because of Oh-chan <3



Arashi everything and hadashi no mirai...

they dance really smart..although its slow pop song^^




Another barobarovid~

Arashi play music chair!!

if they loss..they have to do smthg funny..

*when ohno lost..he said, "matsumoto push me!!"..
then nino said, "my bum hurt coz i sit harshly"...LOL^^*

its kinda blur and dizzy at sub


Arashi Subway Flirt


Anyone who havent watch must watch..hillarious!!

How arashi flirt in kawaii!!

Nino touched ohno bumbum~
Ohno made a sugoi convincing subway perv..haha
Jun hontohonto kawaii..baka-neyh^^

But sub..



After sahur.. i dunno what to do.. so i opened our blog^^
Just want to say ganbatte-neyh until 7.30 pm nanti..
Happy Puasa for all of you..
*first, arashi although diaorg x puasa..second, dearest fruitfamily*
But somehow, someday when i married with jun..i paksa him to puasa..haha
that's all *xde keje*
need to get my bath^^


arigatou <3

minna-san! nuriko desu! :)

yeap, i am 16 now :)
and yes, i am officially in shi-chan an aria-chan team xD
i am no longer in kodomo team (NOTE; ayane-chan and fadira-chan team) anymore! *waves and chuus* muahahahaha [grown up laughs] XDD
daijoubu ne kodomo-chan, we're not gonna bully you or whatsoever. ne shi-chan? *maouish glares* lalala~

as you guys know, my tanjoubi was on 30th august. asldfgs;kd;sdgfsd;gsdgsdjlgf;sd! XD
i always asked my mom, why did she let me go on 30th? why cant me (NOTE; atashi xD) wait for a couple more hours? demo ne, after knowing mr. Hana Yori Dango, i am chou very happy that i was born on 30th august. ne jun-chann? ♥♥♥

ahh~ thanks a lot for the wishes. calls,textes,facebook,bloggie. saikou desu! <3
especially my F.F dears. thanks for being there for me. it really mean a lot to me.
having you guys as a friends was one of the best memories i had in my life.
aishiteiru yo! <3333

-to be continued-

ohh ohh, we had a subarashi sleepovers at ayane's on 30th august <3
we planned it like years ago and at last we did it. yeayy!
demo, i am chou very busy rite now. i have a karangan,physics and biology hw =.='
so i'll post everything about the sleepover on another time oke. maybe tomorrow. haih. gomenasai.

aria-chan will upload the pictures (yes, we took a lot of pictures on that day. haha xD)
since the pictures were all with her. nana,simpan elok2 gambar tuu!
matte ne? :D

lots of,
nuriko kazunari

Sidang Redaksi

*everyone else, ignore this post*


its kinda late..
but im not sure can upload psd pic la..i'll try again


Arashi Tour 2009

Arashi in kokuritsu..

I think the reporters there cant stop broadcast latest news about arashi concert!!


*watch the time carefully*


Arashi Kokuritsu 2009

Truth fancam!!!
Arashi Flying in the sky!!! <3