The four of us : Shitsuka, Aria, Nuriko and Ayane. Eighteen-year-old fangirls that love Arashi so much. Having fan-girling over Arashi as a hobby for quite some time now, they have come to be a part of our lives. and yes, we go kyaa when our ichibans does something cute. :D

We are simple, nice and friendly. But as you can see, our life somehow, revolves around Arashi. We are addicted, die-hard-fans, obsesssed, deluded psycho or whatever word there is.

No matter what; we surely, as in matter of fact, and officially, are-the-Arashians.



poster of natsu niji :

jealous tak jealous tak ?

image credit to 2ch



Hamburger Day !

hello minna! :D how are ya? me foineee here :P

Arashiteru present to you ; A Hamburger Cupcakes celebration for my our brat prankster chikubi-obsessed sarcastic magician rockstar AWESOME Ninomiya Kazunari :D
we Arashiteru had collaborated with our Arashian wives; Alia the proud wife of Nino and Qis the forever Jun lover to make a hamburger cupcakes for the bratty boy. took me like ages to make this possible. haha but of course, without any help from my friends, this project wont be succeded. heh :)

anyway, I am proudly to say that our Project Hamburger Cupcakes was a succes! weeee xD

the project was held at Alia my awesome madu's house, at Damansara. Nana picked us up in Seri Petaling around 1 pm from her tuition centre which is in Subang Jaya (that took almost 45 minutes mind you) and we reached Alia's house around 1.30-ish. met Alia (with 5x10 tshirt on her /jeluz) and went straight to her kitchen /semangat haha xD all the things needed were ready on the table YEAY :D so we chatted around while waiting for Qis. Qis came 10 minutes after that and with OUR Arashi tshirt on her :') OHH I FORGOT TO TELL YA ; WE WORE OUR ARASHI TSHIRT HEE :P so we insisted Alia to wear the tshirt too. haha

anddddd the project start-to !

the plan : Vanilla cupcakes are cut in half (longitudinally), with a cho
colate "patty" layer in the middle. To hold it all together we used yellow icing for cheese, plus green icing for vegetables and red for the ketchup (copied this from Alia's blog because I seriously dunno how to explain the cupcakes condition xD)

ohh Alia did the yellow icing for the cheese, I did the green and Fatin did the red icing for vegetables and ketchup (the ketchup looked pink because of Nana haha)

I'm seriously not good in reporting :/ so let the photos talk :)

meet the wife :)

meet ze adorable Qis :)

I only have this picture of cupcakes in the tray ;_;

BUT I had the picture of the cupcakes in the tray inside the oven xD

we kinda cut the muffin to a smaller size because the bun was over-sized. haha it looked seriously wrong when the upper bun was bigger than the base. haha so and Qis were assigned to do it (it was supposed to be me at first but I sucked at it :| ) ohh we did a jumbo muffins too :D those were kinda extra dish on that day. haha :P



process I

process II


looked wayyyyyyyy nicer ne? XD

(ignore the delicious choc patty with the whipped cream on top)

single shot of a halfway done cupcake :D

random picture of ohmiya sk is random and everywhere XD


happy faces :3

messy but artistic laa kay XD

ze result :D

*is one happy momma* XD

the birthday boy was watching us while we were..

busy taking picture xD

and again XD (he was there too because um.. he did some magic laa kay XD)

we had so much fun! thank you guys for making it possible. thank you for celebrating his birthday with me, thank you for everything dahlings ! ♥

hey you rockstar,

Otanjoubi Omedetou !
Happy Birthday !
selamat Hari Jadi !
Shengri Kuaile !
Saeng-il Chugha !
Joyeux Anniversaire !
Buon Compleanno !

may all your dreams come true sweetheart !



the wife of a certain rockstar,

p/s blogspot hates me nao. so this post will be edit time by time for more photos. sorry for the inconvenience. please blame blogspot for this :)


Nino-chan; otanjoubi omedetou ;D

Arashiteru Birthday Masterpost - Ninomiya Kazunari
17 June 2010

The birthday boy turns 17 for the 11th time.

Happy Birthday Neen.

foot note : sorry that this post is too short to be a birthday master-post. This is suppose to be syza's job, and my brain is blank. I promise that our next post will be longer, added with our hamburger cupcakes project's photos ;D

and I'm really, really sorry for the sucks english. ugh. *iblameitonyouSYZA*

love; nadia ;)


take good care of yourself Arashi-san!

LATEST NEWS! (well i bet everyone knows about it :3)

Nino's accident at Tokyo on 12.30 pm (screww you bicycle lady) leads to a mandatory order from Johnny which is; they can't drive for the whole year. well Nino might be tired with the movies but not letting other members to drive is kinda stupid deshou? I mean all of them love to drive (exceptional to Oh-Chan of course. haha) even for their own safety, it just doesn't sounded right.
like, seriously Johnny? that's too much.

so Nadia and I created a situation where other members get lost on the train and they have to call Oh-Chan for directions. haha and much more thing that I don't wanna discuss here :P

ANYWAYS, back to to the topic ;


To Be Free (for Sho's Mitsuya Cider's cm)

will be released on august 4
niceeeee one! :D


Dates:: 21th-22th August ->Kokuritsu
3th-4th September -> Kokuritsu
29-30-31th October - Osaka Dome
13-14th November - Sapporo Dome
19-20-21th November - Tokyo Dome
4-5th December - Nagoya Dome
15-16th January (2011) - Fukuoka.


Boku no Miteiru Fuukei

Ninth original album release from Arashi featuring tracks "Everything," "My Girl," "Troublemaker," "Monster," "Sora Takaku," and more for 20 tracks including their

solos in total on two discs.

pheww. that's a lot of things to do ne? 3 big events in the same year? I'm worried about their health. I mean they have tons of other commitments such as the recent CMs and upcoming drama/movie. :O honestly, I think they should take it easy.
buut its Arashi we're talking about right? they will do that for us; as the sixth member of Arashi. and its just beacause they're awesome and they will forever :)

jaa people :)