The four of us : Shitsuka, Aria, Nuriko and Ayane. Eighteen-year-old fangirls that love Arashi so much. Having fan-girling over Arashi as a hobby for quite some time now, they have come to be a part of our lives. and yes, we go kyaa when our ichibans does something cute. :D

We are simple, nice and friendly. But as you can see, our life somehow, revolves around Arashi. We are addicted, die-hard-fans, obsesssed, deluded psycho or whatever word there is.

No matter what; we surely, as in matter of fact, and officially, are-the-Arashians.


some people are just so talented..

she drew this in her looks just the they pose, they stand..
i bet this is just a random drawing that she drew and magically appears to be almost perfection
and somehow..they still look cute!! she draw it in her diary you know?! must be a hell of talented girl she is..

look at ohno's adorable face..his cute mouth^^
i'm sure ur mouth will start twitching like ohno's when you saw this picture..kawaii =)



*points to header*


*hugs and kisses shi-chann :P*

ohh okay, I iz done :)




this is damn hillarious!!
minna, must watch!!

they are all cho hideous la..but the fake makino still quite pretty..
but seriously, i burst into laughter every second..

eii!! hodoh giler domyoji aku!!

Domyouji becomes DomyouZ (zee)
Hanazawa Rui becomes Hanazawa Vui
Luckily Makino still Makino..

There's supposed to be a Part 2 but unfortunately,as
Sarah said, Youtube removed it due to 'terms of use violation'. *x de maknanyer..*



i laugh like hell *hahahahaha!!!*

*hehe..random betul =P*

whats her name again?! *stop laughing* *hold my stomach..stop!!*

ididnotmeantobeMEAN~ ^^

but she has the courage though..sorry no offence~


Single : Monster


Arashi's 30th Single - Monster

LE cover
[ Limited Edition ]

Track List:
01: Monster

Lyrics: UNITe, Sean-D
Composer: CHI-MEY
Arrangement: Taku Yoshioka, Hirofumi Sasaki

02 Spiral

Lyrics: Takashi Ogawa
Rap Lyrics: Sakurai Sho
Composer: Mitome Zyuniti
Arrangement: ha-j

Monster (PV + Making Of)

RE cover
[Regular Edition]

01 Monster

Lyrics: UNITe, Sean-D
Composer: CHI-MEY
Arrangement: Taku Yoshioka, Hirofumi Sasaki

02 Spiral
Lyrics: Takashi Ogawa
Rap Lyrics: Sakurai Sho
Composer: Mitome Zyuniti
Arrangement: ha-j

03 Monster (Original Karaoke)

04 Spiral (Original Karao)

there is making of people YEAYY :D
excited much? weeeeeee~ xD

*goes checking purse)



Arashi ni Shiyagare CM!

we; Arashiteru present to you
*drum rolls*

Arashi as criminal with white suit and hat and bullet with their own freaking name on it!

awesome kan? haha xD




flails + sappy

further fangirling post on abs on the brat please click here

thanks for the awesome picture nana-chan. you know I love you and nino xD


while I was stalking browsing arashi generation, I stumbled a picture which fatin would actually call me straight away after she saw it (I guess laa kot?)

“I’m sorry. I lost it. The Saturn necklace. It was our most precious necklace.”
“Makino. The most precious thing to me is you. Don’t worry about something insignificant.”

. that is so freakin' sweet kay domyouji! jksdasksag;jfgf;jflasgflkfhlafhhgjhgjkgkj

I seriously missed Hana Yori Dango ;(



Abs on the brat

i know, i haven't been posting for awhile now and i'm really sorry for that. anyways, i'm here now and i come bearing presents :)))

syaza-chan, this one's for you

yes, nino has phreaking hot abs.

this is from the latest mote dame. please click here to watch the clips. :D

credits goes to: haruno21@lj

jaa, i'm still around.
nana. :)



I also can 'pilih kasih'!~

siap autoplay lagi..^____^

wah!! macam concert sendiri..ala2 seventies gitu
Jun Presley!!

fatin yang curang~ noah! =)


please have a piece of monster :)

err I mean a full version of monster xD

no, I'm not grinning like a crazy fangirl.

okay I lied



preview of Monster Live!

reminds me of truth!
really looking forward for the performance




I know I'm a leeeetle bit biased xD


OMG YOU TOO ALIAAAAAAA? this is soo awesomesauce! xDD



critism towards Takujo Kabachi.

"Tokujo Kabachi!", a dorama starring Sakurai Sho (28) and Horikita Maki (21) has now officially been criticized by the Japanese Bar Association, it has been learned today.

The dorama focuses on the work of notary publics and their settlement negotiations. Now the Osaka bar association claims that the characters of the dorama often actively violated the Bengoshi-Ho, the Lawyers law. There is something called the Hiben Katsudo, a law that exists for the prevention of non-attorney activities. It basically says that only lawyers may claim recompenses in cases of traffic accidents, divorces, insolvency, debts and so on. Notary publics are no lawyers and therefore they have no right trying to get recompenses from the other party.

There may have been situations where the characters in TokuKaba exceeded their powers, but it's based on a manga and just a fictional story. However, the bar association sees it as a promotion of such acts and wrote TBS a letter voicing their protest against the dorama. They are not suing them or anything, but they expect an apology in form of canceling any DVD and rebroadcasting plans.






Imagine the clock being rewound and Ashita no kioku's music box melody playing in the background, and they said...

Jun: In 2009, we Arashi welcome our tenth anniversary. In these ten long years, we truly have been granted the opportunity to experience many different things.
Ohno: Year 1999. We received the group name “Arashi” and debuted. We still remember clearly the press conference that we held at Hawaii. It was from this point that our journey started.
Jun: April, 2000. The first ever Arashi concert. The audience who was present at the venue of that time, I wonder if they are also watching us today?
Aiba: Spring 2001. Arashi’s first national tour. Assembly hall, arena, we got to feel the wonder of each venue. It was indeed a great concert tour.
In the field of television, this was the time when Arashi’s first regular show started.
Sho: Year 2002. In the middle of the “HERE WE GO!” tour, we gathered everyday to discuss the question of “what exactly is Arashi?”
MatsuJun and I each were given the chance to play the lead role in a drama.
Nino: Year 2003. We got to hold concerts in both Spring and Summer. Furthermore, we were able to take part in many solo activities. All of those experiences would eventually become a great power for us.
Aiba: Year 2004. I became a regular on the variety show “Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen”. There started my days of challenging the limits.
Then, we united our feelings to act as the main personality for “24 hour TV”. We, along with everyone else, took on each of our challenges while aiming for our dreams. For the first time, I wrote a letter to all the members.
Jun: Year 2005. Introduction of the Moving Stage. It was an idea that brought much joy to everyone, and has since then become a fundamental part of Arashi’s concerts.
This year, I acted in “Hana Yori Dango”. I am happy to learn that, through this production, Arashi’s songs were able to reach many more people.
Sho: Year 2006. Our first Asia tour, in which we experienced the sensation of a second debut concert.
It was also in this year that Nino acted in the Hollywood movie “Letters from Iwo Jima”, and I took my first step as a newscaster.
Nino: Year 2007. Thanks to everyone’s support, we were able to hold our first Dome concert.
Moreover, there were the movie that featured all five of us, and the drama that Shou kun and I acted in together. It was a year that left us with a true sense of accomplishment.
Ohno: Year 2008. Regarding individual activities, I was able to hold my one-man exhibition and play the lead role of a drama for the first time.
As a group, the five of us worked for our second “24 hour TV”, then went on a second Asia tour.
Sho: And then, 2009, it has been a year when our sense of fulfillment comes from many aspects – all started to unfold from our single “Believe”. As the five of us continue to be supported by so many people, today, we have come to stand here. Here, at this moment, little by little, let us try to look back at our ten long years together.

red eye..flood's coming!!



Arashi Pimp Post!

if you’re in Asian fandom, you must have heard of Arashi, but who are they? Do you want to know more about them or are you a new comer in this fandom and confused where you should start? Fear not because this pimp post will introduce you further to a boyband who is so popular that they’re called a social phenomenon in Japan.


1. He’s the quietest member in Arashi and one time he even forgot to speak in their TV show, so now the members have to make sure that he talks during their shows and interviews. Of course, he has an excuse why he doesn’t talk so much, which is to save his energy!

2. He reads three newspapers a day, and as the best well-versed member, he acts as the unofficial MC of the group. He is also the one who has the most charisma during live performances and concerts, oh and the sexiest too.

3. He is always happy, high-spirited, and when the other members feel exhausted, he will motivates and cheers them up, or maybe it’s just because his tension is really contagious. He’s like one ball of energy, always bouncing and jumping around, and he has the wildest imagination ever.

4. His 17 years old appearance and 12 years old behavior is the best camouflage to his abilities. He’s like the guy in your class who never listens to teachers but will still get a perfect score. He often brags while has this 'yes I now I'm awesome' looks but if he is praised, he will hide his face from embarrassment with his hamburger hands.

5. He is a fabulous diva! He’s considered as the most fashionable within Arashi, always spends his money to buy clothes and has a huge collection of accessories, which come in two colors, gold and silver, to match his clothes. Next, you don’t have to worry if you don’t like his current hairstyle since he changes his hairstyle really often, at least 6 times a year.

Click on this Arashi Pimp Post below and all of your question about them will be answered :D



You're friggin AWESOME! thank you so much for the superbly written post! you're a truly an Arashi fan! I'm grinning/smiling/tearing like a stupid fangirl reading the post xD
again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *sends arashi in a box with 5 colours of ribbons to you*

*happily dancing to bathroom*


Tourism Nation Navigator

*victory pose*
On the 8th April, Tourism Authority for the Japanese tourism market has appointed popular idol group "Arashi" as "tourism nation navigator".

In the press conference held, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba and Jum Matsumoto appeared on stage. "Face in Japan" for future tourism PR will expand TV CM appearing in East Asia. Sakurai Sho said with enthusiasm in the interview "You have so many foreigners come by themselves and I want to appeal many foreigners to Japan". With Arashi's high popularity with the slogan "Navigator of tourism nation" they will promote overseas visitors to Japan as part of "Japan Endless Discovery". "The most immediate promotional activites will include overseas Chinese and other East Asian markets. As the "navigator of tourism nation" Sakurai will recite with greetings in English, Aiba in Chinese & Matsumoto will deliver his message in Korean.

They practiced yesterday and Sho & Aiba reciting successfully but Matsumoto stumbles. “Sorry I forget the most important timing and I'm going to practice more!”. Talking about the attractiveness of Japan to overseas visitors? Sakurai “In the north in Hokkaido you can see the ice drifting and you can see beautiful coral reef and sea in Okinawa. We have 4 seasons hope you will get to know our rich nature.” Aiba ”Fashion and animation are properties of today's Japan. I think it would be fun experience.” Matsumoto “I completed domestic trip twice this year. Each region has different local food culture and I hope to convey the culture of each area.”

Tourism Authority attracted visiting foreign tourists to Japan in 2009 of 6.79 million and projected in 2013 to be 15million. The future goals is to raise this to 30million with the biggest target in East China and South Korea. This wide popularity in Asia of popular "Arashi" will be hired to disseminate the tourism information.


p/s ohh exam iz over and I'm back :D



its weekend

and I deserved a 10 minutes break :)


Arashi ni Shiyagare CM!



I found this awesomesauce art form here

(click for larger view)

SUGOI deshouuuu? O.O