The four of us : Shitsuka, Aria, Nuriko and Ayane. Eighteen-year-old fangirls that love Arashi so much. Having fan-girling over Arashi as a hobby for quite some time now, they have come to be a part of our lives. and yes, we go kyaa when our ichibans does something cute. :D

We are simple, nice and friendly. But as you can see, our life somehow, revolves around Arashi. We are addicted, die-hard-fans, obsesssed, deluded psycho or whatever word there is.

No matter what; we surely, as in matter of fact, and officially, are-the-Arashians.


Heartbeat ;)

As 27th February was a fact the day of one of our moderator, Fatin aka Shitsuka-chan, lets give her THIS as a birthday present ;)

look! its purple :D

Happy being 17th :)


semi-arashi post? xD

F.F dearie, please head to aileen's bloggie. she took some pictures of arashi for us. ahaha
thanks a lot aileen. really really appreciate that :]

jaa ne~


Aiba-kun =p

he is totally kakkoi..although i do not understand a thing coz there's no sub..but im sincerely enjoy watching him..

i think he should do a part time job..he's good in it..instead of becoming fully baka..but i cant blame're born dat way..thats what makes arashi special in a only-arashi-lovers-would-understand way..
ok..dozo~ enjoy his kakkoieness..


Dance to Arashi "Happiness", at an english garden in Munich..

this little kodomo is sooo cute..dancing with all the pompoms =)

its a little bit wiggly at first, but its goin' to be better after a time..enjoy~



Yea!! Finally~

its holiday.. Happy Chinese New Year!!

im goin' for holiday..first to port dickson for a while..
then..go to melaka..then danga bay, johor!!

sugoi deshou~

lama tak holiday..and hang out with my family..

dearie fruit family..don't be jealous kay..i'll always remember you guys..*so not true =)*
dont emoemo sorg2 okey..ur bff kan ada..just say this out loud..they'll come..'BABES!!'

hehehe...take good care of arashi while im not 'roud..okey *winky*

and btw..nana, ckg suruh wat carta organisasi for sedang redaksi!!

nanti thursday jumpa kay..remember!! our dates =P

jah~ lovelove


lifeless =_=

eemmm...i am such a jerk..wat la..nothing to!

i am so sure you guys out there will think negatively bout me now!!

i just have nothing to do..

ya..of coz i have tans of add maths and maths..but i'm clueless..x tau cmne nk wat..blame it on the one who skip classes =p

i still have other stuff to decorations for class..but its raining and i cant go out to but stuff i need!!

and sedang redaksi's work..but my mom took the broadband and i cant surf the net..i just got it back actually..

what a life?! so i decided to make cake..i made carrot cake..but tooo muak to eat just leave it there..

so i kacau nana's blog..i wonder if she see it?? or even recognise it was me?? emm..i'll ask her later..

im not going to school tmorrow..lazy la..although i noe i'll miss those freaking maths and add maths class again..maybe thats the reason i ponteng actually..not maths..i still have 'feelings' for maths..the other one..

sorry for the other mods..for this post..just trying to waste my time =)

calculator loves me..



I can assure you that this blog is NOT dead. we're just back from our hiatus and we're completely kinda free right now :D deeply apologise for the lack of updates on this blog ne? *oh chan's puppy eyes* xD

I've got tons of work to do right now. homeworks, prefects stuff, homework and homework but I know I have to tell you guys about this x)

this clip is specially dedicated to nana syg n nadia syg and YAMAPAIR fans xD

they do have perfect timing ne? NE? NE? xD


*shoulder shakes back to studying*

syazazaza :D