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The New Arashi T-shirt Project! [updated]

Hi guys!

As the title mentioned above, we; Arashiteru, have a new T-shirt project for our fellow Arashian! For your information, we're currently at the final stage of our Arashi T-shirt Project. This Arashi T-shirt Project may be a little different from our previous project (click here). For this project, we're collaborating with our dear friend, Jenielle from Philippines! We're using Jenielle's beautiful awesome piece of art as our shirt design :D

feedbacks from our customers for our previous Arashi Shirt Project :)

Satochii Senpai : the service is definately fast/great. friendly (of course, my kouhai after all). shirt is of nice quality, comfy. design is nice and still can improve. seeing that it was the first product, you guys did a good job! :Db

Qera : the printed picture from the shirt could be nicer. but the shirt quality is good.

Alia : it was awesome! do another one! :D


shirt design :



For the front design, the design shows Arashi singles collections written in the shape of Arashi kanji. The single collections start with A.Ra.Shi until My Girl. Unfortunately, there'll be no Monster, To Be Free, Love Rainbow, Dear Snow and Hatenai Sora because the design was created way before the songs mentioned T_T
The left side of the kanji was written "12 years of storm" which means they're already in their 12th years (OMG)

as for the back design, as what you can see, it is written I Arashi. While at the lower part of the fonts is written "Arashiteru & Jenielle"

This T-shirt is :

-straight cut
-round neck
-in size (XL,L,M,S)

The price and the payment method of the T-shirt will be updated soon. Stay tuned for more details of the shirt.

Thankyou :)


p/s the picture of the designs on the shirt will be updated soon!


  1. will be waiting for the updates ^^

    p/s : anoo...hope the shirt is designed with v-collar too

  2. nice design! <3
    think im gonna get this one too hehe
    btw is the T gonna be light blue color like the above?

  3. masit: ya..its light blue

    kapalterbangku: but the shirt will not have collar..but if you're talkin' bout v-neck, i'll try to consider =)

  4. sorry...wrong typo...(^^,'')
    yup...v-neck ^^